Grow Groups

What Is a Grow Group?

Grow Groups are the main way we take the next steps in being disciples here at Crossroads. Grow Groups are groups of 10-12 that meet regularly to study the Word, share support, and to connect. So many of our groups quickly become like family, and their group is a major part of their lives. We have groups for whatever you need- young adults, couples, families with kids, women or men only... you name it! E-mail Leslie Anderson, our Director of Connections, and let her know what kind of group you're looking for. She'll be happy to help!

I Can't Be in a Grow Group because I'm Too Busy in the Evenings

We have several groups that meet on Sunday mornings and various other times during the day. We can find one that works for you! 

I Can't Be in a Grow Group because I Need Childcare

Childcare is offered at Crossroads for many Grow Groups that meet at the church! We love to care for your kids, so don't let childcare keep you from joining a group. 

I'm Worried That I May Not Be Able to Attend Every Week

No Worries! Some groups don't even meet weekly and the ones that do understand when members miss for work and family obligations. 

I Don't Want to Be Asked to Pray Out Loud or Prepare a Lesson

You won't be asked to do those things. Grow Groups have existing leaders and know how to integrate new members in a safe and loving way. 

Are There Truly That Many People in Grow Groups? 

Yes! Crossroads has 300+ people active in Grow Groups. You don't want to miss out! 

I'm Afraid That I Won't "Fit" in the Group That I'm Assigned 

It happens! But, it is not a problem. The Director of Connections will simply move you to another group. A good fit is a high priority and everyone understands that. There is no embarrassment or hard feelings. 

What Do People Find Valuable about Grow Groups? 

  • The opportunity to grow deeper in their faith.
  • A time to learn more about the Bible
  • Making new friends. Even better, establish close friendships with Christian friends.
  • Receiving prayer and encouragement.
  • Giving prayer and encouragement.
  • Laughing. A lot!
  • Volunteering as a group at Crossroads and beyond.

"I grew up believing in God, but not knowing much about His word - my family didn't go to church. My Grow Group has taught me so much. We walk through and decipher different events to better understand what Jesus went through. They have been a tremendous help walking me through my forgiveness process, which was a 14-year battle." 

Grow Group Member 

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